Jul 042016


I was contacted by Lelo and asked if I would be willing to review one of their products, having received Lelo products for review in the past and always been quite impressed with the quality and the style of their products it wasn’t something that I needed to think about for to long.

I chose the Ora 2 as it is very different to anything else that I have reviewed, it arrived packaged in the usual Lelo style, a beautifully designed box with nice clear pictures of the product with a black gift box inside which presents the product perfectly.


I am going to start by being completely honest, I didn’t get this toy at all, it didn’t do it for me, I totally get the idea of it and what it is supposed to do, but for me it did very little. I found it clumsy to use, really difficult to hold in the right place, and the buttons are hard to reach and control while you are using it. I couldn’t work out how was best to hold it, what speed I needed it on, whether it was better on high or low, for the first time ever with Lelo I just didn’t get it.

I know that some people will get it and some people will love it so I am going to go into a bit of detail on it anyway.


The Ora 2 is controlled in much the same way as the majority of the lelo, it has three buttons a Plus to turn it on and increase the power, a minus to turn it off and lower the power and a ∞ which is for turning on and off the sensemotion settings and enables you to cycle through the various settings, this is what makes the toy increase in power the harder you press it against you.

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When it is turned on, the unit vibrates and a little ball within the toy rotates, the idea being that the rotating ball makes the toy feel like oral sex.


I personally didn’t feel this, the vibrations could be felt but I wasn’t sure really where they were concentrated. The ball I could feel moving around but it was really hard to get it to be in the right place and even though it didn’t feel bad, it felt ok, it just didn’t really do anything.

The Ora 2 is made from lovely soft silicone and can be used with waterbased lubricant. It is rechargeable and waterproof, it has lots of plus points it just didn’t work for me.


I don’t really know what else to say about this vibrator only that I am really sad that I didn’t like it more, I love Lelo as a brand, I have loved other Lelo vibrators and my favourite vibrator is the Lelo smartwand which I reviewed a long while ago.

Jun 262016


I was sent the Moody Vibrator to review by Fun Factory right back in January, it has taken me a while to get to the review and for that I apologise to fun factory.

The Moody comes in the same style packaging as the rest of the fun factory branded sex toys, this clear, clean-looking packaging which is uniform across the brand really does help the fun factory brand stand out from other sex toys on the market.


Inside the box you get the vibrator, a wire with a USB connector for charging, and the instructions, When you take the Moody Vibrator out of the box it will have a small amount of charge on it but it is always best to give a rechargeable toy a charge before 1st play. The charger is a click and connect charger which is held in place by strong magnets. It should also have the travel lock on to stop it coming to life whilst it is in transit, hold down the + and the Fun button for a few seconds and it will come to life.


Fun Factory toys are pretty uniform in the way that they work, the fun button will turn it on and off, the plus and minus buttons will cycle through the wide variety of settings that the Moody vibrator has.

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The Moody vibrator is made from silicone with a solid plastic handle, the silicone is lovely and soft and flexible and totally seam free.


It is shaped with a twist and a slight curl so that it hits the g-spot when it is used internally, the rim of the toy with its little lip and almost frill like appearance ensures that the vibrations can be felt on the outside as well as the inside when it is being used.


As with the other vibrators that I have reviewed from fun factory I was very impressed with the way that the toy feels when it is been used. The vibrations are good and strong and the shape really does what it is designed to do, another hit for Fun Factory.


Fun Factory advise that you use a waterbased lubricant with this toy, this is due to it been made from silicone, making silicone lube unsuitable. It is also fully waterproof and submersible making keeping the Moody clean a piece of cake, hot soapy water will do the trick but as always I would recommend a good sex toy cleaner with antibac qualities before and after each use to ensure it really is clean.

Overall I did like the Fun Factory Moody vibrator and all of its many settings, it is made from some lovely squidgy (but not to soft) silicone, it is a great shape, good size and is nice and easy to clean. The Vibrations are good and strong and even on the highest setting they are not buzzy, they are lovely and powerful and targeted to just the right area.

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Jun 232016


I was contacted by Pinkvibrations.co.uk and asked if I would review the Roxy rabbit vibrator which is made by Rocks Off. I agreed. That was way back in January and it is now June and I am only just getting round to doing the review, so I need to apologise first of all to www.pinkvibrations.co.uk for the amount of time it has taken for me to write this up. There are reasons which I won’t go into but here it is now.

The Roxy rabbit comes packaged in the usual funky rocks off packaging, and inside the box you get the instructions, a satin pouch for storage and the vibrator.


The Roxy rabbit is battery-powered and it takes 4 AAA batteries which slot into the body of the toy, the 4 AAA batteries give the toys triple motors a significant amount of power, and the two buttons which allow you to set each one to the setting that you want and this means that you can ensure that the right amount of power is in the right place. The possibilities aren’t quite endless but according to the box there is up to 50 possibilities of combinations.


The Roxy is made from medical grade silicone which is skin friendly and hypoallergenic, it is body safe and feels soft and warm to the touch, the silicone is flexible and this means that the ears of the rabbit can give the right amount of pressure when turned on.

The Roxy Rabbit is a medium-sized rabbit and I found it to be a good size for me and the ears with their flexibility meant that it was just the right size and shape for me.


The Roxy Rabbit is waterproof and this means that it can be used in the bath if you so wish, it also means that when you come to clean it you can wash it in some hot soapy water and be sure that you have it absolutely clean before each use.


The Roxy Rabbit should be used with a waterbased lubricant and not a silicone lubricant and the silicone in the silicone lube might react with the silicone in the toy and cause it to melt and become misshapen over time.


The Roxy Rabbit is quite quiet for the amount of power that it has, I was expecting it to be much noisier than it is.

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Overall I like this Roxy rabbit, the material is of really good quality, the shape and size works really well for me and I am sure it will for others, the variety of settings is really good and it is easy to clean to, lots of plus points to think about.

Thank you to Pinkvibrations.co.uk for allowing me to review this rabbit for them,  Please visit their store and show them some support.

Feb 222016

Hello everyone time for another quick catch up I think

Since the last one I have been on Holiday.. Lanzarote, a lovely bit of winter sun to cheer us all up, while we were out there I had my birthday and spent it around the pool, laid in the sun, drinking Tequila, not a bad way to celebrate, shame I can’t do that every year.

There are more reviews in the pipeline, I have posted one since returning and I have a rocks odff rabbit and a Fun Factory vibrator currently waiting for review. I also have a couple of Lelo’s on the way so they should be appearing shortly to.

Its all very exciting stuff, I love receiving new toys for review, especially when they are different to things that I have tried in the past, new design is always something to be excited about.


Feb 182016


I was contacted by Bondagebunnies.co.uk and asked if I would be willing to review a g-spot vibrator from their site. I of course agreed and it arrived very quickly discretely packaged and with batteries included.

Excellent service, can’t possibly argue with that.

So inside the boring brown box was the California Exotic 10 function Risque Tulip Vibrator a small but perfectly formed g-spot vibrator, in a clear box allowing you to see what you are getting before you buy.

Calex Risque Tulip

On the box you can see that this is a G-spot vibrator and that it is battery operated, it clearly shows you that it is waterproof and it claims that it has intense vibrations.

How Does the Tulip work?

This is a pretty basic vibrator in the terms of how it works. It has a single button operation pressing the button once with turn it on, keep pressing it to cycle through the settings and hold it down for it to turn off.


Unlike the vast majority of vibrators, including some of the more expensive ones this little g-spot toy remembers its last setting, so once you have found your favourite one you can turn it off safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to go through all of the settings again next time to find the one that you like.


The Tulip does have a large amount of settings, again more than some of the more expensive toys that you can buy at 10! Starting with the standard low/med/high and then going on to various patterns of escalation and chachachas clearly they are trying to make sure that there is something for everyone.

As usual I preferred the constant vibration over the patterns, I personally didn’t find this to be a really powerful toy when on the lower settings, so I needed to have it on high to get the real feel of it.

The noise that the Tulip makes is about what I was expecting from a small battery operated vibrator, not to loud but not silent either. I would probably feel quite happy using it in a shared house as I don’t think that it is loud enough for the sound to carry to far or be heard through walls.

Is Battery Powered a problem?

Battery powered is not always a bad thing, there are times when you go to get the rechargeable vibrator out of the drawer to find that it is flat and that it is going to take a couple of hours to charge, kills those impulsive moments a little, with a battery toy so long as you have spares in the house you have no problems with that. Just remember to be kind to the environment and recycle them when they are done with.


This vibe takes 2 AAA batteries which fit very snugly into the body of the vibrator, so snugly that I do worry that they won’t ever come out again, well not without a hard shake anyway.

How it looks?

The Tulip is a G-spot vibrator and much like the majority of g-spot toys this is long and slender with a bulb like end, hence the name Tulip I suppose, it does have the look of a Tulip.

This is a smallish vibrator at about 15cm in length. I would think that it is suitable for someone who is new to sex toys with its small non threatening appearance, and moderate power levels.

The Tulip is made from ABS plastic that has a soft touch finish which has a warm tactile feel when in the hand.


The Tulip is waterproof and this means that not only can you use it in the bath/shower if that is your thing, you can also clean it in hot soapy water without having to worry about submerging it in the water, just ensure that the battery compartment is fully closed before you do.


As with all sex toys I highly recommend that you use a good quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner which is available from most sex toy stores to ensure that you get rid of any possible bugs.

The ABS plastic that it is made from means that it is suitable for use with any kind of lube as silicone lube will not effect it.

How it feels?

Much much better than I expected it to! I have tried similar toys in the past and not been all that impressed but when I tried this one I was very surprised, it a good way, this feels really good.

The vibrations although not amazingly strong are all located in the bulb end of the Tulip, this means that you can target them vibrations right against the g-spot or even the clit if you wish, when I tried it out I used it on both and found that this combination worked the best for me.

Overall what did I think of the Tulip?

I quite like this little vibrator, I like how simple it is to use and clean, how quiet it is, the size and shape work really well, its got the bulb ending that works so well on the g-spot and the targeted vibrations in the tip that work so well on the clit, making it more of an all-rounder than just a g-spot vibrator. All those settings aren’t really necessary but if patterns are for you then there will be one that you love, I definitely preferred the constant vibrations over any of the patterned ones.

The ABS plastic gives it the solid feel that works so well on the g-spot but the soft touch coating means that when it’s in the hand it feels tactile and warm to the touch.

Would I recommend this little Tulip to someone, yes I would, I think that it would be ideal for anyone new to sex toys, but even with all my experience of toys I liked it.

If you are interested in getting yourself one of these little beauties then check out the bondagebunnies website

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Feb 022016

Svakom Echo

I was contacted by Planet Earth Wholesale and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their new products from the Svakom range, this isn’t a range that I am familiar with so after a little thought I decided to give the Echo a whirl and see just what the range is like.

The Svakom range is marketed as a high-end luxury adult toy and therefore this is what I was expecting when it arrived.

The packaging certainly has the look and feel of something that is a little more special than your standard vibrator. The box has a picture of the Echo on the front, this picture is to scale and really doesn’t do the toy justice. When I opened the box I wasn’t expecting it to look like it does.


The Svakom Echo reminds me a lot of the Lelo Nea in its shape and size, the difference being that the ABS material that this toy is made from is a matt effect and the controls are set out differently.

Inside the box you get the vibrator, a wire with a USB connector for charging, instructions and a sweet little bag for storing it in when you are not using it. 


The Echo is shaped to fit in the hand with the buttons that control it just under the thumb to give you total control whilst you are using it, and this is a good thing, only I actually preferred to turn it over and hold it the other way up, don’t ask me why, it just felt better when held that way.


The vibrations are in the tip of the vibrator and as strong on the top as they are on the bottom so it really is academic which way up you hold it.

 How does the Echo work?

The Svakom Echo has a two button operation, which is quite simple to use, the buttons are quite sensitive though so it took me a few goes to get it right.


A little read of the instructions also helped!


The Echo has a number of different vibration settings, which pulse and escalate, I personally prefer the constant strong vibrations over the patterns but if you like the patterned vibrations then they are there for you. Although why they couldn’t give them names that make sense I don’t know.


The Echo is a rechargeable toy, and it does arrive with a small amount of power so you are able to use it straight from the box if you want. To charge it you are provided with a wire which has a USB at one end and a connector for the toy at the other. It’s very straight forward to charge.


How does the Echo Feel?

This is not a super super strong vibrator, it is powerful enough though, more powerful that a bullet but considerably less powerful than a wand. The vibrations are concentrated in the top of the toy meaning that you can target them into the clit easily.

The vibrations are a little buzzy when it is on full so I found that a little lube made them feel better than just using it on its own, this is a Plastic toy so feel free to use whatever lubricant you wish, you won’t break it.

Even though this is not a supercharged toy being able to target those vibrations meant that it didn’t take long for me to climax, I found that unlike a wand that just throws you over the edge, this held you there and teased you for a little while before taking you gently over the edge in a way that can only be described as sensational.


Cleaning and Lube?

As I have already said this toy isn’t silicone so it is suitable to be used with any kind of lube that you want, I would recommend that you use lube with it as without the lube the vibrations are a little buzzy but with it then it really feels amazing.

As with all sex toys the best way to clean it is to use a good quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure that it is clean before and after each use and ensure that any bacteria that could be growing on there is zapped away.

keep it fun…. keep it clean!!


You will be really happy to know that this is a remarkably quiet toy, even when it is on full power. No worries there of it been heard by anyone in the next room, I can’t promise that you will be as quiet when you are using it though.

Svakom Echo

The box states that the Echo is noise free, I would never describe any toy as being noise free when it has a vibrating motor in it, but it certainly is very quiet.


I liked this little vibrator a lot, I like the shape and the size, it feels nice in the hand and the matt effect plastic feels nice and smooth to hold. The Echo’s vibrations are nice and strong and its lovely and quiet to. The buttons are in the right place for you to be able to operate them whilst using it. I particularly like the way that it teases you and holds you on the edge of orgasm before throwing you over.

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Jan 312016

Coming Soon to Boobaloo’s Reviews

Reviews for…

Coming Soon

The Rocks Off Roxy Rabbit for Pink Vibrations,

a supersoft flexible silicone rabbit

with a unbelievable amount of settings

The Calex Tulip for Bondage Bunnies

I small g-spot vibe made from soft touch plastic

The Funfactory Moody for Fun Factory

A supercute, super soft, toy

with a multitude of possibilities

The Svakom Echo for Planet Earth Wholesale

A small rechargeable clit vibe

with the power of a much bigger beast.

So as you can see it is a busy time here at Boobaloo’s reviews with lots of new things in the pipeline!

Jan 292016

Calex S8 Silhouette Vibrator


I was sent the Silhouette S8 Vibrator to review by California Exotics, and I have to say that my first impressions weren’t all that great when I opened the package, I wasn’t really sure what it did or what it would be like.

Calex S8 Silhouette Vibrator packaging

I mean for a start its PINK, and the shape just looks a little bit odd.

The I took it out of the box and I held it in my hands, at which point I realised that this toy has a number of very interesting possibilities, most of which come from the fact that it is so flexible and its two vibration points one at each end.

How’s it work?

When you receive the S8 it has a small amount of charge on it but it also has the travel lock on it so it won’t turn on without you taking this off, to turn this off you need to press the power button 3 times quickly, then it will come on with you hold down the power button, keep holding down the power button until it is at the power level that you want.

Calex S8 Silhouette Vibrator

Power Button

Turn it off by pressing the button again and put the travel lock back on by pressing the power button 3 times again.

This is a rechargeable toy and doesn’t need batteries, it comes with a wire which has a USB connector for charging and takes approx 2.5hrs to become fully charged.

Calex S8 Silhouette Vibrator

How’s the S8 feel?

So firstly there are the vibrations, they are lovely and deep and thuddy, they get right into your core and just feel amazing, but what makes them feel really special is that this toy is flexible and you can angle it to touch the parts that you need it to and it will stay there.

The vibrations come from both ends of the toy as it has two vibration points this means that for us girlies you can bend it and use it to stimulate both the g-spot and the clit at the same time, and its even narrow enough to be worn during sex, meaning that he gets to have a feel to.

I found that the larger flatter end felt better over the clit as it sits nicely and given its slightly larger area any wiggling that you might do meant that it stayed in contact with the clit, the narrower end was a little more hit and miss, but it can be used either way.

For the boys bend it round the end of your cock where you are really sensitive and the dual vibrations will push you to orgasm in a way that you probably wouldn’t expect, shame about the colour though, I don’t think that calex was thinking about you when they designed this one, seriously you should try sandwiching your cock with this, I just know that you will love it.

As this has 2 separate vibration points, one at each end, this feels like a powerful toy when it is turned on and cranked up.

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What’s the S8 made from?

The S8 is made from some really nice silicone, it doesn’t have any unsightly seams on it that could feel rough.

The silicone feels nice and smooth and soft, its nice and flexible and feels like it will durable, there is no ‘new toy’ smell as silicone toys don’t have this, it just feels like it is made from some really good materials.


Silicone really is a superior material when it comes to sex toys, and I would always advise people to choose silicone toys over cheaper materials.

How do you clean the S8?

As with all sex toys you should clean the S8 with a good quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner, these are available from most good sex shops but I personally use the one from lovehoney.

This is a waterproof toy so if you wish you can submerge it to clean it in some really hot soapy water and ensure that it is clean before you use it.

I personally clean in hot soapy water and then use the spray afterwards to ensure that it is clean. To keep it clean you can buy a soft sex toy bag from an online store or you could put it back in its molded packaging which will do the job just as well, just ensure that you keep it away from other silicone toys, it may react and you could end up with a damaged toy, and nobody wants that.


Yes it makes some noise all vibrating sex toys do, but I wouldn’t call this a noisy toy, in fact given the strength of the vibrations which are surprisingly strong this is what I would class as pretty quiet.


I have to say that after not been that enthused by the S8 Silhouette I was pleasantly surprised, I never expected the vibrations to be so deep, so powerful and feel so good. The flexibility of the S8 makes it a truely special vibrator, I can honestly say that I have never tried anything like it before and I think that I would struggle to find another one like it.

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Jan 262016

Hello everyone

It has been a little while since I posted so I thought a quick update is in order.

I started a new job last Monday, its more hours but closer to home so hoping the work/home balance thing will be ok. So far all is going well, I need to schedule time for writing now though, otherwise I can see it getting forgotten about and I would hate that to happen. I love blogging and reviewing and would really hate to see it getting neglected.

I have 2 items waiting for review a calexotics toy that I have had since before Christmas (sorry guys its been mental here) and a fun factory one that I received yesterday, I am hoping to get them both done over the next 7-10 days as we are then going on holiday and I would like a clear slate before we go.

I also have a few things in the pipeline that I am looking forward to receiving and getting reviewed.

I am still very much reviewing, I am still writing, I have just taken a short break to allow me to get into my new job and get my new routine sorted.

I hope everyone is doing ok!

Lisa aka boobaloo

Jan 112016

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