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First of all, I should maybe explain what an anal hook is and what it does, an anal hook is an anal toy/restraint.

It is a hook shaped toy made of metal that usually has a ball on the end which is inserted into the anus and a loop or ring on the other end which is used to attach a rope, this can then be used as a restraint.
These are much more restricting that they look as they are such a simple piece of kit, butvery very effective.

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The one which I am reviewing is available from bondara.co.uk  I ordered it from them and it was delivered with a couple of days in very discrete packaging, the hook itself was not packaged it was just as it came within the package.
The anal hook feels pretty solid, it is metal and as such can be warmed or cooled before used as desired, it will also warm up to body temperature very quickly. The ball on this hook is not removable, on some hooks the balls can be removed and changed for larger or smaller balls, depending and what you prefer.
The above pictures shows the size of the ball in comparison to a pound coin along with the loop in comparison to a pound coin. As you can see the ball is not to big, it feels very comfortable to wear even for a relatively long period of time.
The smallish size of the ball means that even people with relatively little anal experience should be able to play with this toy without to much discomfort.
The hook weighs approx 200grams meaning that even though it is metal is it not to heavy.
my experiences of using it have all been positive, it really is an amazing way to be restrained, if connected to a collar tightly as pictured below, it prevents all movement, meaning that the person wearing it really is at the will of the person s/he is playing with. I would recommend this for anyone who has been using restraints and anal toys for a while and are looking for something new or different.
If your interested in getting your own anal hook, then click here to go directly to the page

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  1. this article is a very good review of an excellent sex toy ~ if you savor anal play, the fetish device is well worth trying!

  2. Most enlightening. I’ve not tried one of these yet, but now I’m starting to get tempted. Is the restraint from purely stopping you move, or from forcing you to remain still to prevent discomfort?

  3. Its a mixture of the two, when its tied tight like that to a collar you cannot moved at all, it just holds you still, when tied to something else, ie to a hook every head then you have some movement but not without discomfort. Its something that you have to try to be able to fully understand how it works

  4. Great review, extremely sexy picture!

  5. Great review – these look like fun, we’ll be sure to get some in stock!

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